Hey Punk! Want a Bullet to the Head?

Good to see grand old hero Sylvester Stallone back in action after the recent explosive Expendables 2. The movie is called Bullet to the Head (cliche action movie title, but has an interesting ring to it, I guess).

Gonna put a bullet in YOUR head
Sly looks to be in super shape for his age (pushing 60 now!) and is seen from the trailer kicking ass and taking names. From the looks of it, the movie is filled with heart pumping action, with lots of bullets, punches, kicks and testosterone flying in the air. 

So what's the story?

As standard Stallone flicks go, it is a simple plot: a top hitman teams up with a cop (Korean actor Sung Kang) to take down the killers of their respective partners.

Oh yeah, Jason Momoa (of Game of Thrones' fame) and uber-babe Sarah Shahi also make their appearances in the movie.

Sarah Shahi

What's not to like? Can't wait to check it out when it hits the cinemas!

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