Are you my... MAMA?

If you are a horror movie buff, you might be get a “nice” surprise when you watch Mama. The movie actually manages to give you some moments which are truly creepy. In fact, some parts are downright scary. The actors do a great job, particularly the young child actors.

So what’s the story?

A deranged dad kills his wife, leaving their two little daughters. They are taken away, and are later (5 years, in fact) found in the woods.

Jessica looking glamorous
 The one who finds them is their uncle Lucas. Lucas’ lady friend Annabel, played by the wonderful Jessica Chastain, (who won a Golden Globe for best actress recently for Zero Dark Thirty), feels that all is not well and is a bit suspicious of the girls.

Anyway, Annabel and Lucas try their best to help the girls get re-civilised to fit in to their new environment. But…it soon becomes clear that something ominous has followed them back from the wild.

Overall, I think the plot is interesting enough, and the cool SFX will surely get your hairs to stand on ends. Watch out especially for the for the scary dream sequence.

Go check it out if you want a moving movie about mothers and daughters that is capable of sending some spine chilling moments into your life.

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