The Man of Steel is making a return! 2013!

It's a bird! No, It's a plane!

After the recent DC comics Dark Knight Rises gave us an epic conclusion to the Batman/Dark Knight trilogy, the buzz is on for the next major DC character. Yup, the big blue boy scout known by almost the whole wide world as Superman will be making his big screen reboot in 2013.

As it is a reboot, the movie won't be called "Superman 4", or "Return of Superman", but they have named it MAN OF STEEL. Quite a catchy title. Henry Cavill is playing Clark Kent/Superman. And from some recent previews he looks buff enough to pull off  being in the red and blue Superman spandex suit.

The really brief teaser trailer is also out on the web now, where we see some glimpses of Clark Kent hanging out as a fisherman, and some flashback scenes of him as a kid with a red cape. The best part was seeing Superman streak into the sky. Cool scene, and whets the appetite for the Man of Steel movie.

Hopefully the director Zack Snyder and producer Christopher Nolan can do better than the previous Superman movies. They were not very good, especially the most recent Superman Returns, which was really lame.
Also it's great to see the director match Superman against someone who can really test his powers. General Zod is a badass and for those who remember the classic Superman 2 (probably the best Superman movie to date), we recall the epic battle Superman had against Zod and his two Superman-level henchmen. We can only imagine what kind of battle they can do with today's CGI.

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