Bourne Legacy - Movie Review

After the superb trilogy of Bourne Identity, Borne Supremacy and Bourne Ultimatum, Matt Damon was apparently too tired to carry on another sequel. So instead of finding a replacement “Jason Bourne”, the producers got Jeremy “Hawkeye” Renner to play the lead in the Bourne Legacy. As the title suggests, it’s the legacy of Jason Bourne, thus Renner is not playing Jason Bourne, but Aaron Cross, who is another super soldier in a similar super secret CIA program (eg Treadstone).

The "Two Gun" Cross
 In Bourne Legacy, there is news that Jason Bourne is somewhere “out there”, and the CIA Treadstone program is on the verge of being exposed.

Meanwhile, the covert “outcome” program which is apparently similar to Treadstone, has to be shut down. Ed Norton plays Ric Beyer, whose job is to shut down Outcome before it is also exposed to the public. Outcome as it is explained, is a program which enhances its agents with special meds, making them smarter and stronger and faster than normal.

So to shut down Outcome, the order is given to get rid of all the agents and scientists of the program.

Rachel is one hot mama
 Aaron Cross, who is an agent of Outcome, manages to escape during the attack on one of Outcome’s safehouses. Along the way Aaron Cross saves scientist Marta Shearing, played by the ever gorgeous Rachel Weisz. They discover that Aaron Cross’ condition is deteriorating, as he needs the special medication to maintain his physical and mental prowess. So off they go to the Philippines, with the bad guys hot on their trail...

Overall, the movie is quite engaging, but in some parts, it gets a bit boring. The action scenes (where it occurs) are pretty exciting though, and the main actors do a fine job in their respective roles.
Not bad, hopefully the sequel to Bourne Legacy will improve. Maybe a guest appearance by Jason Bourne could help liven things up?