Batman vs Superman crazy parody music video

The DC comics blockbuster movie Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice is still along way off, but the buzz is on as fans eagerly await the opening day.

Here's a crazy and hilarious music video made by the kings of movie parody HISHE. Not only did they do a bang up job making fun of Bats and Supes, but they also expertly parodied Taylor Swift's popular hit song "Bad Blood".

Take a look at the awesome video below:

Can the fish jokes! Aquaman is gonna be badass

Well, that's according to Jason Momoa, who will be suiting up as the famous sea king Aquaman in the upcoming Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice movie.

Jason Momoa is Aquaman
Momoa was asked a few questions during his appearance at the recent Fan Expo Canada, and the Aquaman star said that it's funny people make fun of the character. But then he said "Just wait. Let's wait a little bit, and then you can make jokes"...

He looks badass here, I think.
I think that's a hint that the Aquaman in the movie will be not as campy or cartoony as some people are expecting. He may even be cast in a darker light, more similar to how Batman and even Superman (Man of Steel) are portrayed nowadays.

Other than the Batman v Superman movie, Momoa will also be appearing in the Justice League movies and also an Aquaman movie. So things are definitely looking up for the fishy one!

See Momoa fielding questions about Aquaman below.