Amazing Spider Man 2012 Review

Spider Spider Burning Bright…

So…the reboot of the Spider Man franchise has begun. There’s a new director calling the shots now, Marc Webb instead of Sam Raimi, whom every Spider Man fan would be familiar with.

And now the also familiar Tobey Maguire has been replaced by the younger Andrew Garfield of the Social Network fame, as the famous Peter Parker/Spider Man.

So what are my thoughts of the Amazing Spider Man?

What I liked

1. Good production values – the set looked great, SFX were well done, Spider Man looked amazing visually. The scenes where you see Spidey swinging from building to building were breathtaking, especially if seen in 3D. The sound effects were nicely done as well.

2. The main actors were superb. Andrew Garfield was convincing as Parker/Spidey, and Emma Stone (Gwen Stacy), Rhys Ifans (The Lizard), Martin Sheen and Sally Field were all excellent in their roles.
3. The car thief scene was one of my favorite moments, as well as the one with the giant building cranes.

4. There were many scenes which displayed Spider Man showing off his spider powers which are close to what he can do in the comics – lighting fast reflexes, spider sense, agility, super strength (proportionate to a spider).

5.The emo and touching moments between Ben and Peter, Gwen and Peter, Aunt May and Peter etc. It wouldn’t be a Spider Man movie without emo moments right?

What I didn’t like too much

1. The Lizard as the villain. Rhys Ifans did a good job, and the Lizard looked menacing, but overall he was kinda dull. No doubt the best Spider Man villain to me was Green Goblin. But they can’t be using him again I suppose. I would have liked to see some oldies from Spidey’s rouges gallery such as the Enforcers or Scorpion. Main villain? Hmm…All the good ones have already been used. So how about the Kingpin?

2. The soundtrack was not inspiring. To date the best Marvel movie soundtrack so far would be X-Men First Class.

3.Spider Man takes off his mask (or is unmasked) too many goddamn times. I know Andrew Garfield needs some face time, but come on!


It was a good superhero movie, much better than Captain America and Iron Man 2. I would rate it, say 3 ½ out of 5.

Oh yeah, there is a little scene at the end credits, could be giving a hint as to the next villain in the sequel. Is that you, Norman Osborn?...