Daredevil Season 2 Final Thoughts

So the second season of the brilliant Netflix series Daredevil has come and gone. Just when you were enjoying the whole spectacle it suddenly came to en end. It was quick wasn't it? I personally thought that 13 episodes was just too meager. I wanted at least 22 episodes in one season. Maybe the next one? Come on, Netflix... I beg you, Marvel!!!

i am daredevil
Anyway guess we have to wait another year for the net dose of DD's Season 3 adventures. We will have to settle with Jessica Jones Season 2 and Luke Cage's debut coming very soon. Not my favorite characters in the MCU but they will do. For now. Hopefully we will be able to see some Iron Fist previews, and definitely want more of Frank Castle/Punisher!

So here are some of my random thoughts  after going through all 13 episodes of the ol' Hornhead...

daredevil billy clubs
Billy clubs, yo!
1. Daredevil's costume - I thought it looked better than Season One. I still prefer the Affleck DD movie version, but the Netflix DD's mask/helmet looked great. I just didnt like the loose fitting suit that Charlie Cox wears in Season 2. It should be tighter and more form fitting.

punisher netflix
Punisher series next?
2. The Punisher -  Jon Bernthal nailed the role as Frank Castle! He did such a great job that he almost stole the show from Cox's Daredevil. He was violent, brutal, tough, efficient in getting the job done (eg killing bad guys, making them stay down), and also sympathetic at the same time. He also gave Daredevil such a tough fight in the encounters. What a badass... Definitely need to see more of Frank Castle on Netflix! Oh yeah, finally seeing him in the classic skull was another "YES!" moment.

elektra netflix
Elektra Assassin
3. Elektra  - I thought Elodie Yung was just ok at first. Then she grew on me later on in the series. Maybe it was her costume that was a slight let down. I would have preferred her wearing the bandana  headgear (like in the comics) rather than the half mask. Still, it was nice to see her wield the double sai later in the series. She could really cause some damage with those blades. Here's a sai in your eye, evil ninja!

4. Charlie Cox - the main man! He is a great Daredevil. Nuff said.

the gladiator melvin potter
Can we see the Gladiator in Season 3?
5. The Gladiator? - A cool easter egg when Melvin Potter showed us a glimpse of his Gladiator armor (under his shirt). Hopefully they will make Gladiator one of the villains in Season 3. Shouldn't be too difficult. Can't wait to see him in all his double saw-blade glory!

6. The billy club - Just when I almost gave up hope on ever seeing DD use his famous billy club with the grappling hook! Then it finally showed up in the end. Then DD uses it to swing around buildings. Yes!!! Cant ask for more...

the hand ninja netflix daredevil
The Hand will strike again
7. The Hand - Always cool to see some ninja action. Was Nobu suppose to be Kirigi? Was waiting for them to mention it but it never happened. I bet they will show up in the future with Elektra leading them this time. Matt Murdock will have his hands full fighting Elektra.

wilson fisk daredevil season 2
The Kingpin is plotting DD's downfall
8. The Kingpin - It was a pleasure to see Vincent D'onofrio appear in those couple episodes. Man, that guy is one menacing dude, as the Kingpin should be. I wanted Frank to take him out but I knew it was not the right moment. Next time, baby...

9. Stick - Scott Glen was perfectly cast as Stick. He was a mean, ornery old Sensei that nobody liked. But he could kick ass. The way he finished off Nobu was awesome. And the torture scene was painful to watch. Hope to see more of him in the third season. 


10. Ass kicking, throat slashing, bone crunching fight scenes - there were numerous fight scenes in the second season. Standouts were the several Daredevil vs Punisher battles, the stair case scene with the Dogs of Hell, the skirmishes with the Hand, the Stick-Elektra-DD tussle, the brutal beatdowns delivered by Wilson Fisk, the Punisher prison fight. Well done. Truly not disappointed.

11. Bullseye? - With the Wilson Fisk gathering his power whilst hiding in prison, we know he will eventually come out and rule the underworld as the Kingpin. So it would be very likely he will need a right hand man to back him up as his muscle. So can we all say "Bullseye"?  He has to show up int he series eventually right? He is the numero uno DD villain, after all! 

So now we have to chill and wait for Season 3 to hit the screens next year. We have the other Netflix Marvel series to watch, and also the upcoming MCU movies. Captain America: Civil War, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, X-Men: Apocolypse... What else?

Share your thoughts with me about Daredevil. Don't be shy...