“Fantastic” FOUR, Chinese Kungfu Style!

If you are into super hero movies (which is the rage these days), mixed with some high octane martial arts Chinese kung fu action, then you can’t go wrong with the latest Chinese martial arts (or wuxia) movie The Four.

Based on a classic Chinese novel and tv series set in ye olde China, The Four is revolves around four heroes with special powers and they also have ass kicking martial arts skills to boot. Who are the “superheroes” in The Four?

1. Cold Blood – his power is that he can unleash a beast from within

2. Life Chaser – he has got some fancy footwork

3. Iron Hand – A guy with super strong fists

4. Emotionless – she may be confined to a wheelchair, but she can do many fantastic stunts, and she reads minds too!

Emotionless Crystal Liu
 Anyway the movie tells of how these four superheroes meet, and after the usual conflicts and disagreements with each other, they soon learn that it’s better to work together to take on a counterfeit currency gang led by An Shi Geng.

Looks cool
 What do I think of The Four? It’s got interesting (although not particularly original) characters, great special effects, and the fight scenes were at times, exciting and action packed.

 More of an introductory first in the series, it sets the tone for future sequels. So maybe we should get more of The Four soon.

Trailer below: