Liam's Gonna Kick Ass in Taken 2!

After the cult following that Taken has built up, who is actually surprised that a sequel would follow? 

Taken 2 is scheduled for release on the big screens this October 2012 where cool old dude Liam Neeson once again plays Bryan Mills, the super-cool ex-cia guy who can kick almost anybody's ass without raising a sweat.

Mess with me, I'll kick your ass!
So... the last time he had to save his daughter. This time is it different? Ok, Taken 2's synopsis claims that Bryan Mills and his wife (the lovely Famke Janssen) are the ones "taken" this time, and his  Bryan's daughter (Maggie Grace as Kim Mills) has a part to play in getting Bryan and his wife out of trouble.

Well, we don't really care about the plot do we? All we know is if you dare to mess with Liam Neeson, get ready coz hell will be unleashed! Just like the bad guys who are always unfortunate to be facing Diehard's John McClane  or 24's Jack Bauer, Bryan Mills' opponents will rue the day they decided to take him on. Heck, if they had watched Taken, they would have immediately reconsidered!

So ...Bring on the mayhem in October! Liam Neeson...Taken 2!