It's coming! Star Wars the Force Awakens!

"The Dark side...The Jedi... They're real."

The latest official trailer of Star Wars The Force Awakens has been released, and boy! is it a doozy.

Cool lightsabre, bro.
We get to see a lot more footage from the movie, and from what we can see, it looks reeeal good. 

A Darth Vader easter egg...
Lots of tie-fighters, x-wing fighters, jedi, sith lords, droids, light sabres, millenium falcon, new characters (such as the Vader worshiper)... heck, even old faces Han Solo, Artoo and Chewie get to appear!

December could not come any faster! I want to watch Star Wars the Force Awakens right now!!

"The force is calling. Just let it in..."

(Awesome trailer below)

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