Movie Review: Looper

Looper makes you feel Loopy!

Imagine this. This is a world where they already have invented a time machine. It's in the future, the year 2042. Time traveling, however, had been declared illegal, so only the villains use it. They send assassins back into time to take out their enemies. The assassins are called "Looper". 

That is the basic premises of Looper, starring old action hero favorite Bruce Willis and Darknight Rises' "Robin", Joseph Gordon-Levitt. 

"Yippee kai -yay, muddafuk..."
Gordon-Levitt plays the young "current" Joe whilst Willis is the older "future" Joe. Current Joe is happy with his assassin job, killing guys and collecting silver as his reward from his boss Abe. Things start getting complicated when some of Joe's fellow Loopers start killing their future selves, and are handsomely rewarded with gold! (The movie calls this "closing the loop")

Later Joe's buddy is killed by the big boss Abe, as he failed in killing his future self. Joe finds himself in the same predicament when he later also fails to kill future Joe. The big boss Abe then starts a manhunt for current Joe.

The movie goes on from there where current and future Joes work together to attempt to uncover the truth behind the killing of the Loopers' future selves. They trace the person behind the killings is a kid, who is living on a farm with his mom.
Sid's mom is the gorgeous Emily Blunt
Then future Joe decides to end all the killing by trying to kill the kid Sid, with current Joe trying to stop him.

Overall I thought the movie was quite interesting. It had enough excitement and violent action to keep me glued to my seat. There are a couple of glaring loopholes plot-wise, though, but then, which action movie does not have loopholes?

I rate Looper 3/5.