Thor movie...was Mighty!

Well, Marvel's latest movie Thor was finally released. Here are my takes on what I found to be cool or not-so-cool about the movie. 

The Mighty Thor
1. Chris Hemworth proved worthy enough to possess the power of Thor
2. SFX in the movie was awesome
3. Asgard looked impressive
4. Natalie Portman was gorgeous
5. Storyline was simple but engaging enough
6. Destroyer depiction was quite accurate
7. Warriors 3 plus Lady Sif 
8. Hawkeye's cameo
9. Heimdall
10. Good action during Thor's first confrontation with the Frost Giants

The beautiful Natalie Portman


1. Frost Giants were not "giant" enough
2. Ending lacked punch - Should have been a harder workout for Thor
3. No Nick Fury appearance
4. Movie was too short

Scene within Asgard

Overall,  I would rate Thor over Iron Man, Spider Man 3, X3, Wolverine and Iron Man 2. Maybe slightly better than Hulk. Spider Man and Spider Man 2 are still the top Marvel movies so far (to me). But Thor is pretty good. I was surprised.

Now to wait for Captain America and then the Avengers. Hope these two will be as good if not better than Thor.