When the Child Angel dolls strike!

We’ve all heard of keeping a doll collection as a hobby, but this story really takes the cake!

There’s a new craze in town (more specifically in Bangkok, Thailand) where people are buying and keeping a doll known as “Child Angels”! OK, so it doesn’t seem too weird, but check out what they do with these little dolls...

child angelcdoll
Hi dolls!

1.The dolls have likes and dislikes!

According to Natsuda Jantaptim, a proud owner of a doll she named Ruay Jang (translated to mean “so rich”), this doll likes strawberry milk. But she hates the cold so you have to make sure the air conditioning is turned off at night! This little doll also has her own pillow and blanket and “sleeps” on the same bed as the owner...

child angel doll collection
Just mama and her angel doll

2.It’s a bit creepy

These doll collectors believe that the Child Angel dolls contain the spirit of a real child. If you treat them well like a member of your real family, well then, good fortune will come to you! (yes I know, you can stop sniggering now)... Oh yeah, you have to take these dolls to the Buddhist temple to be “blessed” by the monks.

what are these child angel dolls
Are these dolls real???

3.You can win the lottery

According to Natsuda, her luck improved after owning her doll as she managed to win the lottery recently and her buddy (who also owns a similar doll) was able to repay his long standing debts after praying to it!

4.These babies cost a bomb!

Made famous by some local celebrities, these Child Angel dolls cost up to US$600. These local movie stars and performers think the dolls brought them professional success...

Apparently these dolls have become so popular with the lonely (and quirky) residents of Bangkok that you see people carrying and going around with the dolls in cinemas, the subway, restaurants etc. A bit freaky if you ask me...

that aint no angel doll
That ain't no angel doll!

Oh well, to each his own I guess. Now where are my kids? Come here Annabelle! Where are you, Chucky?

chucky is no angel
Err... mom? This is not an angel doll

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