Newsflash for Marvel's Civil War movie

Day by day we are getting closer to Captain America : Civil War, where Chris Evan's Cap will be taking on Robert Downey Jr's Iron Man.

Captain america vs iron man
Cap vs Iron Man. Which team are you?

Some of the latest more interesting bits is this one! Who's on Cap's side and who's on Iron Man's side.

I think Ant Man will be around as well, and he should be on Cap's team.

There's also Spider-Man, and I'm guessing he'll be on Tony Stark's side.

Other interesting bits is the new costume that Hawkeye will be suiting up in. Check it out:

Looks cool! He just needs some sort of visor to protect his eyes or enhance his vision, imo.

Whose side are YOU on?

Can't with for the movie to come out next year!

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