Batman vs Bane! July 2012!

Showdown in 2012

Let's do the funky dance!
 The Dark Knight Rises will soon be hitting the big screens any day now.

The latest teaser trailer shows Batman facing off against the the physically superior Bane. We all know that Bats will lose the 1st round, but he will come back and triumph in the final battle.

There's rumor that Batman will die in the end, and since this will be Christopher Nolan's swansong in the Dark Knight trilogy, Bats' demise is a strong possibility. I hope not, though. To me, Batman is always Bruce Wayne. There can't be a replacement Batman.

I'm not afraid...I'm angry!

Anyway, we just have to wait and see.

I am sure Dark Knight Rises will live up to expectations!

Update: Read the movie review here.

Also check out the 13 minute preview:

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